I often re-imagine those days and nights of our Choosing Conscious Elderhood shared experience—the faces, and voices, the words, and the sounds of wind, thunder, rain and birds in the wildness. I had not known such affirmation or such support. Eight consecutive days of Beauty beyond my imagining. I thank you for what we made of that wondrous time. I’ll be calling you for an appointment for coaching to help me integrate my experience.
— Susan Brown- Age 79


Conscious Eldering: Aging With Intention & Passion

This introductory workshop can range from a one-day intensive to a weekend to four days, and can be customized to meet the needs of a sponsoring organization. It provides an opportunity for you to gain both a conceptual understanding of the paradigm for aging called conscious eldering and an experiential understanding of the types of inner work that are important on this path. If at all possible, we offer this workshop in retreat center settings with easy access to natural spaces where much of our time will be spent. Conscious Eldering: Aging With Intention & Passion focuses on questions such as these:

  • What distinguishes an “elder” from someone who is older?

  • What are the potentials for the elder third of your life to be a time of growth, fulfillment, passion, and service.

  • What inner work do you need to do to fully claim and embody your potential as you age?

        Why is it important to begin this work well before one retires?


  • What are the prevalent models for aging that do not satisfy the needs of many people in the elder third of their lives? 

  • What attitudes, images and fears and do you carry about the aging process?

  • What can it mean to be an "elder" in this time of momentous cultural transformation?

  • How can a deepened connection with the natural world support your growth as an elder? 

Our goal is to have you leave Conscious Eldering: Aging With Intention & Passion inspired, motivated and committed to entering or moving further along the path toward your conscious elderhood.

To explore possibilities for you or your organization sponsoring a Conscious Eldering: Aging With Intention & Passion workshop in your area, please give us a call.