Desert Evening

I found the retreat to be very filling and wholesome in every way.  It seemed like we were 'gentled' into each successive experience.  Nothing was harsh or intrusive.  It was fun to be expectant, without expectations.  And, it seemed like there was always another event or period of time that we were well prepared to experience and harvest, and that was promising and rewarding.  Both of the guides had just the right words for each occasion, and much of the week was sacred and holy in some way. The creation and sustaining of community was also remarkable.  Thank you both so much.

--Mike Hughes—retired  psychologist, Certified Sage-ing Leader

Services & Programs

The Center for Conscious Eldering supports the development of conscious elders by offering our signature Choosing Conscious Elderhood retreats, shorter introductory Conscious Eldering: Aging With Intention and Passion workshops, and Coaching for Conscious Living life coaching services. On this page you will be introduced to our services, and find links to more comprehensive information about each of these.

Choosing Conscious Elderhood

Our signature program is primarily offered in a 6-8 day format at retreat centers set amid stunning natural beauty, and is occasionally presented as an 8-10 day vision quest in wilderness settings with camping required. Employing our nature-based approaches, Choosing Conscious Elderhood provides guidance, inspiration, renewal, and practices and processes to support you on your path toward embodying your potential as a conscious elder. This retreat is structured to serve as a rite of passage for those ready to affirm and confirm their status as an Elder. Click here for more information

Conscious Eldering: Aging With Intention & Passion

This workshop can range from a one-day intensive to a weekend to four days, and is often customized to meet the needs of a sponsoring organization. It provides an opportunity for you to gain both a conceptual understanding of the paradigm for aging called conscious eldering and an experiential understanding of the types of inner work that are important on this path. If at all possible, we present this workshop in retreat center settings with easy access to natural spaces. Our goal is to have you leave Conscious Eldering: Aging With Intention & Passion inspired, motivated and committed to entering or moving further along the path toward your conscious elderhood. Click here for more information


Coaching for Conscious Living

Understanding and committing to a conscious elderhood can give us a vastly different experience of the journey toward and through this stage of our lives. Coaching for Conscious Living with an experienced guide who understands the challenges and vast potentials of this journey can be an invaluable gift to yourself. Click here for more information